DS-1 Forged Putter

Triple Forged

CNC Milled

Heel-Toe Weighted  


The DS-1 was designed by Bryan “Buddy” Beem who has been rated among the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters for 9 years in a row and has had over 30 years experience working with touring professionals, head pros, avid golfers, university teams and junior amateurs. Buddy owns Buddy Beem Custom Clubs near Denver, Colorado.

In designing the DS-1, Buddy reports: “I chose a triple-forged process so that the putter is extremely responsive and helps my golfers learn to feel the subtle differences in the way they make contact with the ball. Over time, they will be able to consistently repeat their best strokes. And forged putters definitely are the easiest putters for making lie and loft adjustments, which is absolutely critical for a perfect fit,” he adds. 

“The perimeter weighting on the DS-1 is designed for stability, the leading edge is cambered and the micro-milled face gives a clean, sharp roll for better control.” Buddy reports: “the whole set up and look at address makes it easy to just ‘point and shoot.’”

In designing the DS-1 putter, Buddy notes that “right-eye-dominant players need an offset neck and clear alignment markings to help them set up with the ball precisely in the middle of their stance. The DS-1 addresses this phenomenon, ensuring that the putter head will be square to the player’s target line as the ball leaves the face.” 

KZG works with its engineers, but we go a step further and rely heavily on design feedback from the finest fitters and teachers in the golf industry. We believe it is the professionals that are working with golfers day in and day out that are best informed on what the golfer needs for a better game. We are very appreciative of Buddy’s efforts in making the DS-1 such a great performing putter.

The Designer Series was created to cover critical variables in the stroke that are often overlooked by other manufacturers. The beauty of KZG clubs is that every design is conceived to meet the needs of a particular type of golfer.



“The DS putters set up very nicely at address. The DS1 has about a 40 degree toe hang, which will be great for those rotational type putters, with a moderate arc. The putters have a very nice feel coming off the face. I tried them both on the “dew” board and found that both putters rolled the ball immediately, there was no skipping or hopping at all.”

Don Irving, Artisan Golf, Canada
Master Clubfitter
World's Top 100 Clubfitter


"DS Putters are perfect, very very good feeling. Good sound and good look."

Nicolas Tourkia
L'Atelier du Golf, France


"Finally I tried the DS-1 Putter and guess what - I love it! I built the demo club with a super stroke grip and decided to use it the next day in a 1 day pro tournament. Shot a 6 under (9 birdies, 3 bogeys) and won with 5 shots ahead. The feel of this clubface is really great and I love the optical component when addressing the ball!"

Davis Lauss
GolfClub Ottenstein, Austria











Head Material

KZG Proprietary Soft Steel/Heat Treated

Head Construction Forged + CNC Milled


Brushed Satin
Matte Black

Hosel Depth (mm)

15 ± 1.0

Hosel ID (mm)

9.45 ± 0.05

Hosel OD (mm)

12.9 ± 0.02

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