Why KZG?

KZG is unquestionably the leader in custom golf equipment. By partnering with the top Professional ClubFitters in the world, KZG is able to offer golf equipment that simply cannot be beat.

High grade metals, expert craftsmanship, patented technologies and superior designs all cost money … KZG spares no expense and yet is able to offer demonstrably better performing equipment at prices comparable to off-the-rack prices because KZG advertises the old fashion way … by word of mouth rather than buying the Tour or buying a one-hundred-million-dollar ad campaign.

KZG performance is further enhanced through expert fitting and building of clubs to suit the individual golfer. It is unanimous: custom fitted clubs are guaranteed to improve a golfer’s game. KZG sells its products only through Professional ClubFitters who have the skill, integrity and passion to fit a golfer properly.

Most manufacturers offer a few models … ostensibly to fit any golfer, whether a touring professional or a raw beginner. The concept is inconceivable, yet is the norm.  KZG offers numerous models to suit the needs of every skill, strength, size, preference or budget of the golfer … doesn’t that make more sense?

KZG understands that different folks need different performance from their clubs. The competitive player wants feel, workability, consistency; the beginner wants feel, forgiveness and ease of play. KZG can provide it all … easily.

KZG’s dedication to the game, award-winning equipment and discerning practice of working only with premier Professional ClubFitters is why touring professionals and avid golfers carry KZG in their bags.

Every player who tests KZG clubs and is fitted properly by a true professional enjoys the KZG guarantee of an improved game and an enhanced golfing experience. All of us at KZG and our worldwide network of Professional ClubFitters take pride in helping golfers set their game on fire!