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KZG Names 2008 World’s Top 100 ClubFitters

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (January 24, 2008) - KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine, has released its list of the World's Top 100 ClubFitters for 2008.  The announcement was made Jan. 15th at the 2nd annual IPAC (International Professional Association of ClubFitters) Expo in Orlando, Fla. The honor is designed to identify those professionals who possess the skill, integrity, business ingenuity and passion required to enhance the clubfitting profession and offer golfers the very best clubfitting experience and results.

“The Top 100 ClubFitters represent the best in their field, and we are proud to recognize them,” said Jennifer King, president of KZG. “They offer the very best custom clubfitting to touring professionals as well as to amateur golfers of every skill level.  By virtue of their talent and dedication, the Top 100 raise the bar for the clubfitting profession worldwide and help grow the game by offering golfers enhanced play and enjoyment through better performing equipment.”

This year’s winners hail from 23 countries around the globe.  The Top 100 ClubFitters range from small shops serving rural areas to large operations doing extensive business with multiple fitters, instructors and hitting bays. All represent the élite of the profession.

An independent panel of industry experts determined the criteria necessary to be considered a top clubfitting professional, focusing on what is expected in a bona fide fitting. The panel of experts included club designers Clay Long and Art Chou; Gene Parente, president of Golf Laboratories, Inc.; Steve Benzin, KZG’s Director of Fitting and Education; Kim Braly, world-renowned shaft designer (formerly with Rifle); Dr. Christian Reichardt, author and doctor of sports medicine and fitness; and Ken Starr, CEO of Zelocity, Inc., a manufacturer of golf launch monitors. The panel’s identified criteria were weighted and used for evaluation of the applicants.

The 2008 World’s Top 100 ClubFitters are as follows:

United States:

Alaska             John Gose                    Full Swing Golf                                      907-344-4653

Arizona            Roger Ide                     Perfect Golf Swing                                480-333-0003

California        Dale Briggs                  Lake Redding Golf                               530-243-8527

                        Joe Teixeira                  Joe's Custom Clubs                              925-685-2524

                        Kyle Collum                  No Bogeys                                             949-595-4405

                         Leith Anderson            The Golf Lab                                         650-493-1770

                         Matt Coe                     Baygolf Center                                      650-588-9818

                         Sean Woo                    Golf Tech                                               408-732-8324

                         Steve Benzin                KZG Fitting Center                              818-762-3495

                         Terry Kim                    Golf Tech                                               408-732-8324

Colorado         Bryan Beem                 Bonnie Brae Golf Learning Center      303-777-4910

Connecticut     Jim Montanaro            Golf Fix Ct                                             203-375-6700

Florida             Bill Goldy                     Club Foremations                                  772-463-1167

                         Dan Yoakam                Dan's High Tech Golf                           850-508-4840

                         Josh Musselman         Josh Musselman's Golf Express          239-390-2508

Hawaii             Jim Cosper                   Precision Golf Hawaii                            480-221-6423

Iowa                 Chris Larson                Chris's Custom Clubs                            563-340-7818

Indiana            Kelly Mettert               Custom Golf of New Haven                  260-749-5420

Kansas            John Mitchell               Golf MD                                                  913-663-5050

                         Mike Dickerson          Golf MD                                                  913-663-5050

Michigan         Dale May                     Dale's Golf Shop                                    269-327-2155

Mississippi      Greg Pickett                Greg Pickett Golf                                   901-757-1112

                         Steve Scharnhorst       Tee to Green Golf                                  228-396-4416

N. Carolina     Herman Williams          Perfect Fit Golf                                      919-661-7100

                         Karl Seibel                   Golf Etc. Tech Studio                             704-283-0022

New Hamp.     Ken Collins                  Kustom Clubs Fitting Center                 623-603-7876

New Jersey     Bernie Dunne              Bernie Dunne Custom Clubs                  856-589-8313

                         Greg Rost                    New Jersey Custom Golf, INC              732-668-5210

                         Mark Ciasullo              Motion Golf of Fairfield                         973-244-0533

                         Tom Murphy                Jack of Clubs                                          732-669 -9265

Nevada            Ron Ota                       Washoe Valley Custom Clubs                 775-883-2582

                         Trent Galloway            Solution Golf Inc                                      775-782-4960

New York        Jeff Rupert                   The Golfer's Edge                                    585-383-9280

                         John Duffy                    The Golfer's Edge                                   585-383-9280

                         Paul Sanders                The Golfer's Edge                                    585-383-9280

Ohio                 Chris Murphy               Murphy's Golf Repair                            330-253-9498

                         Dave Freed                  Akron Golf Clubs                                     330-253-8000

                         Kirby Bolen                  Golf Stix                                                   513-671-3033

Pennsylvania   Jerry Hintze                 Clubmakers Shop                                     610-865-9192

Rhode Island   Tom Spargo                 Spargo Golf                                               401-828-2857

S. Carolina      Connie Rockhill           The Club Maker                                        843-757-7636

                        Jim Smiley                    Coastal Carolina Golf                                843-234-1583

                        Lanny Correll               Dr. Golf - Pawley's Island                          843-237-3362

                        Steve Goforth               The Eagle Zone Golf Center                      864-288-0001

Tennessee      John Terry                    Sweet Stix                                                   423-968-4885

                        Steve Lawson               Golf and Tennis Express                            865-966-3774

Texas              David Weikman            Advantage Fore the Golfer                        281-597-0722

                        Deryl Jay                      Saturn Golf                                                  806-785-5363

                        Mike Nugent                Impact Golf & Racquet                              281-597-8007

                        Mitch Loehmann           The Golf Matrix                                         281-999-0200

                        Tim Brantley                 The Golf Station                                          469-744-0191

Virginia           Evan Sturdivant            Legends Custom Clubs                               703-759-5664

                        Mickey Russell              Pro Am Golf Company                               757-890-8392

                        Mike Cates                  Legends Custom Clubs                                 703-759-5664

Washington    Jim Von Lassow           Von's Golf & Putter Studio Inc                     206-524-6716


 Alberta           Ron Anderson               Ron Anderson's Professional Golf              403-255-4653 

                        Ian Massey                   Clubsmith LTD                                             708-496-9135

                        Rick McKenzie             Alberta Golf Works                                     403-346-4653

 BC                  Andrew Jeffers              Jeffersports                                                 604-983-9898

                         Mark Middleton           Golfer's Edge                                              250-703-0440

                         Lionel Newton              Newton's Law Golf                                      604-535-6492

                         Terry Stav                    Golf West                                                     250-758-1919

                         Paul Wammer               Camber Golf Equipment                              250-860-7772

 PQ:                  Bert Emond                  Golf Price Canada                                       450-229-4879

 Ontario            Rene Grandmaison      Grand Lynx Golf Center                            705-983-0888

                          Don Irving                    Artisan Golf                                                613-592-0524

                         Joe Lavery                    Oakville Golf                                              905-825-5757

                         Ryan Young                  Paradise Golf                                              807-628-0668

 South America:

 Argentina          Alex Calabria               Golf Trade S.R.L.                                   541148461682 


 Hong Kong        Jeremy Li                     Improve Your Game Ltd.                     852 28948338

 Philippines         Francis Go                   Custom Clubmakers Intl                       632 8302222

                            Jake Ong                     Custom Clubmakers Intl                       632 8302222

 S. Korea            Brian Byoung               Tayoon Golf                                           82 317260020

 Thailand           Mick Wittering             Custom Clubmakers Company              66 32530119

                          Tom Massengill            GMT Clubmakers Deluxe                     66 29478663

 Australia and New Zealand:

 Australia          Jeremy Tuerlings           New Age Golf Solutions                         61 755923388 

                         Peter Harrington             Lee & Pete's Factory Golf Outlet          61 755349344

                         Rob Grant                       Pro Tuned Golf/The Golf Workshop       61 398851544

 New Zealand    Kobus Van Rensburg    Golfer's Pride - Golfers Lab                   64 210367585


 Austria             Arno Lindsberger          Golfschule Sterngartl                             43 664211232

 Belgium            Joaquin Rombaut          Golfan                                                     32 65340540  

 England            Melvyn Fern                  Four Counties Golf                                441827259242

                          Ian Roberts                    Huntercombe Golf Shop                         441491641241

                          Nevil Bland                    Brocton Hall GC- The Loft                    441785661485

Finland              Sami Siren                      Golfpaja                                                  358503550210

France              Gerard Ferran                Golf Amerik                                            33534574551

                          Jean-Michel Queva       Queva Clubfitting                                   33322245150

Germany          Jean-Marc Petergese     Jem KG                                                  498031230452

                          Nick Smithers                Trust Golf                                                498535926980

Ireland              Colin Kirwan                  Pro-Fit Golf                                              35312783334

Italy                  Emanuele Rodenghi      Golf Tecnica                                             393387167262

Netherlands     Theo Erben                    FATco Golfclubs op maat                        31306034421

Norway            Andreas Lind                  Custom Golf Norway                                4798239976

                         John Andersen               Andersens Golf i Nord                              4790138884

 Scotland          Graham Dallas               Kirriemuir Pro Shop                                 441575573317

                         Ed Robertson                 Applied Golf Tech. @ St. Andrews           7790692588

 Spain               Angel Martinez             Golf Planet                                                 34636028543

                         David Poulton                Practigolf Academia de Golf                     34685990138

 Sweden            Breitt Olsson                Brejans                                                        46 86231060

 Switzerland      Giuseppe Naula           Pepe's Golf-Clinic                                      41527216762

Founded in 1994, KZG offers equipment available only in the finest retail facilities with authorized KZG professional clubfitters. KZG’s program of partnering with only the best professional clubfitters to fit its award-winning equipment has catapulted KZG to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment. KZG’s comprehensive selection of premium golf equipment includes the finest drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters, in addition to a wide variety of accessories and apparel. Clubfitting professionals may complete an advanced training course for KZG certification as Master ClubFitters at KZG’s North Hollywood, California headquarters. In addition, the KZG Traveling Fitters program is bringing a Tour Fit® level of personalized custom clubfitting to golfers all over the U.S. 
For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-800-200-8800 or International call 818-762-3495. 

















































































































































































































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