Extremely High MOI
Straight and Solid
Very Forgiving

KZG’s “Quintessential” driver combines high MOI performance with an aerodynamic design to produce high launching tee shots with a penetrating trajectory. The Q features one of the highest MOI measurements in the industry at 5450 g.cm2, which results in maximum club-head stability through the impact area. The high MOI design also helps to reduce side spin for straighter, manageable golf shots. The Q’s wide range of loft offerings provide fitters with the options they need to fine tune launch conditions that compliment the player’s swing dynamic.

The wide 460cc club-head imposes confidence on the tee while the Q’s red ‘tail’ forces double-takes from playing partners as they watch tee shot after tee shot find the fairway.

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“EDITOR'S PICK: The Q lives up to the high standards of a company that continues to set trends even as it remains under-the-radar…this will dazzle, penetrating the air like a bullet and maintaining stability and precision throughout the entire flight." - Fairways and Greens Magazine

"I really like the Q Driver. It's easy to hit and easy to control." - Steve Pike, Equipment Writer for PGA Tour Partners Magazine

"Rated very solid and long...Recommended the 'Q' for most players seeking extra forgiveness at impact" - CBSSportsline.com

"I'm now playing the 'Q' Driver and fairway woods ... I couldn't be happier. I've never hit the ball so well. Ever. Now my students are playing them too. Great job KZG." - Steve Ehart, PGA Class A

"This baby is a bomber....the big 'Q' performed flawlessly throughout the 18-hole trial. My only regret is that I lost possession of the driver - my wife - has found a permanent home for it in her bag!" - Mike Sebastian, Asian Golf Monthly

"When I say BIG, I mean BIG. The KZG ‘Q’ Driver is a monster. The 460 cc head gives you the feeling you can’t miss hit this club. I couldn’t believe the distance I was getting…I would be willing to bet the ‘Q’ Driver will add some distance to your game." - West Coast Golfer Magazine


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