SP 700 (355cc)




 Small 355cc Head
 Great Performance and Value
 SP 700 Beta Ti Face

At 355cc, the SP-700, with its pear-shaped design, provides the demanding player maximum workability.  Its mid-launch with moderate spin profile allows shot-makers the ability to alter trajectory and ball flight at will.  Much like the SPX, the SP-700 is manufactured with a forged SP700 titanium face that produces high ball speeds for increased carry distance.  Its smaller frame gives the driver a nostalgic feel at address and imposes control over tee shots.

Featuring a faceplate that is heat-treated and forged in SP 700, the highest grade of beta titanium available, this driver delivers the dense sound and feel without sacrificing any raw power. What separates SP 700 from other titanium alloys is its ultra-fine microstructure. This means the grain in the metal is smaller and more tightly packed than other common alloys, producing greater tensile strength. The SP Series enables KZG to produce the strongest, most durable club head available, while still maintaining exceptional feel.

The SP Driver Series consists of the SPX 460, SP OSX and SP 700 (355cc) models.

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