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420cc for maximum workability
Low spin, penetrating trajectory
Matte black finish

Designed for maximum ball speed and a boring, penetrating trajectory, the VC-420 is an essential driver for performance-demanding players. Its aerodynamic sole design helps to improve club-head speed. The VC-420 provides tour inspired trajectory with increased workability for optimal ball flight control.

At 420cc, the VC-420’s classic pear shape proves to be aesthetically pleasing to traditionalists while the crown’s matte finish provides a modern appearance.

The VC-420 is Conforming to USGA rules as per decisions:

2013-545 (LL/9°)
2013-546 (ML/10.5

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"The VC 420 is in my bag. It is a beautiful combination of feel and performance. This driver’s low spin rates and penetrating trajectory adds a good 15 to 20 yards to my drives!"

Don Irving
Master Clubfitter
World's Top 100 Clubfitter















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