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Grossblittersdorferstrasse 321
Saarbrücken, 66130 Germany

TEL: 49 1718292631
EMAIL: info@clubalign-golf.com

Joerg von der Gathen
Professional Fitter
Professional Builder
IPAC Member
Rated World's Top 100 ClubFitter: 2013-2016
Annette Eva Maurer
Marketing & Public Relations

The golf bug bit Joerg von der Gathen years ago. His love of the game and his interest in building materials and engineering details led him to master the art of club fitting. Because of his extensive training, Joerg is able to select a club model that has the design features required to perfectly fit any golfer. He understands the profile of a shaft and can select the features that will optimize the final club.

Joerg has been named one of the World's Top 100 Clubfitters for four years in a row, 2013-2016. He is also a member of the International Professional Association of Clubfitters (IPAC), a prestigious group comprised of global leaders in the field of custom clubfitting.

Every golfer should be custom fit. Any lessons or attempts to improve while using ill-fitted clubs are futile. New golfers have the most to gain as they really do not know what they need and haven’t developed the proper feel, expectations and performance of a club. Most avid golfers already know how important it is to be custom fit and many have made Joerg their golf "partner". And lefties get special attention from Joerg!

Joerg's passion for helping other golfers is best stated in his own words: "It is my wish that, after successful fitting of your new clubs, you only have one thing left to deal with... your game of golf."

Joerg's new 200 square meter studio features an indoor putting green, fitting bay, and lounge area. Joerg utilizes the latest technologies, including a FlightScope launch monitor and SAM PuttLab analyzer.

Joerg also does fittings by appointment on the driving range at City Golf Academy Saarbrücken.

To learn about Joerg’s special six step process in fitting clubs click here .

Joerg's golf bag is packed with KZG gear! He plays Evolution irons, the GF Deep driver, GF Fairway Woods, and H370 hybrids.

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