I. Clubfitting
  1. Do custom fitted clubs really make a difference? [+]

    Absolutely. Custom fitted golf clubs are guaranteed to improve your game.

    There is no possible way that you can buy golf clubs "off-the-rack" and expect them to meet the critical variables of your swing. Your height, body type, strength, skill level, length of your arms, the angle that you attack the ball and your stance are just a few of the variables that must be considered in selection of the ideal clubs for you.

    Doesn't it make sense that your clubs fit you, rather than you having to change your stance and your swing to try to accommodate the clubs?

  2. Do launch monitors and swing analyzers really work or are they hype? [+]

    Some work and some don't work.

    There are many different fitting systems on the market that provide different data; some of that data is critical for an accurate fitting, some data is irrelevant. Some systems give accurate readings, other systems merely give estimates. Other systems, yet, give the "wow" factor with simulators giving pictures of the top courses, but in reality are more for entertainment than actual fitting.

    As the #1 Custom ProLine, KZG has made custom fitting a high priority. We have polled the top clubfitters in the world on what systems work the best. We have done extensive testing on numerous systems here at KZG headquarters, including testing by our Director of Fitting & Education and also by our numerous authorized KZG Dealers. We have worked closely with Golf Laboratories, the top independent golf testing company in the world.

    We have determined that the most critical data required for a professional fitting is launch angle, spin rate and ball speed. These critical factors must be accurate, not just guesstimates.

  3. Is the ideal launch angle 12° with a spin rate of 2,000 to 3,000 rpms? [+]

    These launch characteristics are not ideal for everyone. When launch monitors were initially tested with PGA Tour players this was true. But for slower swing speeds you must launch it higher than 12° to produce optimal distance, and quite likely need more than 3,000 rpms spin rate.

    For example, if you're attempting to water a tree from a long distance with a low pressure water hose. The only way for you to try to reach and water the tree is if you increase the trajectory of the water flow. By increasing this trajectory of the water, you're now able to reach the tree from a longer distance with a lower water pressure.

  4. How do I find a good Clubfitter? [+]

    The first step for a proper fitting is finding a reputable and qualified Professional Clubfitter, preferably a Master Clubfitter. This is easier said than done. Many individuals call themselves Professional Clubfitters, yet there are amazingly few in the world that would qualify for the title.

    As the #1 Custom ProLine, KZG is as interested as you are in finding Professional Clubfitters who are qualified, competent, friendly and also who have integrity. For us, it was necessary to pre-qualify those representing our line. We may make the best equipment in the world, but it was also necessary for us to find the top fitters in the world to enhance the performance of our equipment.

    The KZG Dealers listed on our Dealer Locator on our web site is a great place to start in finding a qualified and reputable professional clubfitter. Not only do we pre-qualify our Dealer's expertise, we also check their reputations in their geographic areas. Our Dealer Locator provides a description of our Dealers' experience and background.

    Also, please look for those that are "Certified Master Clubfitters" which are marked on the Dealer Locator. These individuals have years of experience in their field, have actually attended the KZG Club Certification Program here at our headquarters for their continuing education and have been certified by our Director of Education as a "Master" in their field.

    Another great place to find qualified Clubfitters is through the International Professional Association of Clubfitters. This non-profit group sets the bar for what to expect in a true custom fitting. They have a Locator on their website ( and all members are experts in the clubfitting profession and continue to support the growth of the custom fitting industry.

    There is no one "universal" method for fitting. Today, most clubfitters use analyzers and launch monitors to gather the critical data necessary in selecting the ideal club. Many rely on the KZG Fitting Lab System, a computerized system that easily and quickly selects the ideal club. Some use a method that combines heads and shafts with a special connector so you can see, feel and test the results of the proposed club during the first fitting session.

    FORGET THE INTERNET! We know of no way you can get properly fit via the Internet. Additionally, if something goes wrong with the clubs you buy on the Internet...good luck in trying to secure a remedy. Please be advised that KZG does not warranty any KZG products purchased on e-Bay or other auction sites.

  5. What are the benefits of a custom fitting? [+]

    All professional golfers are custom fit using the best clubfitting technology possible. So why shouldn't you be custom fit.

    Better players can marginally improve their score with custom fitted equipment. But mid to high handicappers benefit the most. Custom fitted clubs deliver consistent loft, lies and shafts to maximize your potential. Most manufacturers create clubs to fit the widest range of people. You're right most clubs will fit okay. But is okay good enough for you? Will good enough lower your scores? At KZG we believe in fitting each golfer with the best equipment that fits their game, body style and preferences.

  6. What is MOI? [+]

    MOI stands for "moment of inertia". This technical term measures the clubhead's resistance to twisting when the ball is struck. For example, you hit the ball on the toe of the clubhead. A clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the mis-hit, creating a better chance that the ball will still go where you intended and with less loss of distance.

II. Player Profiles
  1. As a woman, will I benefit from custom clubs? [+]

    Unfortunately, many women have been mislead to believe that if something is labeled as "ladies" club, it is customized for them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    As a general rule, every golfer can benefit from having their equipment custom fitted. Because KZG is the #1 Custom ProLine, we offer a myriad of models designed for different players based on skill, strength, and goals, regardless of your gender or age.

    Ladies come in all sizes, shapes, strengths, and skill levels. Some ladies are 5'10", weigh 150lbs and are very fit; some men are 5'6", weigh 130 lbs and are not as fit. Some women players are strong, skilled competitive players; some male players are not that strong and are recreational players. Who should get the so-called "ladies" clubs?

    Sadly, many women are intimidated by the thought of having their clubs custom built. Hopefully, as the golfing public becomes more aware of the benefits of custom fitting, more women will venture to a custom fitter.

  2. What about senior clubs and equipment to prevent pain? [+]

    Seniors are no different from any other golfers. They should be custom fitted with clubs that suit their strength, skill, size, and disabilities if any.

    Because so many seniors (as well as younger adults) suffer from arthritis special attention should be made to alleviate the pain. There are several ways to do this:

    • Definitely have your clubs custom fit.
    • Generally, lighter clubs will reduce any joint stress
    • Graphite shafts tend to help the player gain more distance and at the same time absorb more shock energy from each hit.
    • Utilizing a larger grip or non-tapered grips will gain more hand comfort
    • Consider using a utility iron or wood in lieu of the longer irons


    Playing with custom fitted clubs and taking certain precautions should give you a lifetime of joy playing golf. It is one of the few sports that can be continued throughout life.

  3. Should beginners or average players be custom fitted? [+]

    Absolutely. If you have clubs that fit you, your game will improve and you will hopefully enjoy the game more.

    Unfortunately, many beginning golfers tend to buy an inexpensive starter set of clubs, intending to buy the better clubs if they decided they like the game. Those inexpensive clubs may prove disastrous, as the lofts may be inconsistent and the specifications wrong for the player. In the end, the golfer may become discouraged because their game isn't improving and walk away from the game altogether.

    As a new golfer, you can easily get fitted for a limited number of "starter" clubs and it should not be terribly expensive. But most importantly, you will be using equipment that will help your game improve. As you become more experienced, then you can add more clubs to your bag. And later, when your swing is in the groove, you may want to splurge for a set that fits your evolved game and skills.

III. Equipment
  1. Is it more expensive to get custom fit clubs? [+]

    Although you may pay a fee for a clubfitting session, custom golf equipment will save you money in the long run and will dramatically improve your game. And, with KZG, the clubs are often less expensive than the "big brand" off-the-rack clubs.

    It just makes sense that if you are fitted into the ideal club from the outset, you don't have to look to replace it or re-shaft it. If you don't play a 3 or 4 iron, why pay for them? With custom clubs, you will only order the irons you need: mix and match irons, substitute utility woods for irons, carry more wedges, the options are limitless. Customization really saves in the long run.

    Most Professional Clubfitters will not be able to tell you exactly how much a new club will cost you prior to a fitting because they won't know what model, shaft, grip, and what adjustments will be right for you. But you certainly can, and should, ask for a "ball park" estimate before you begin the fitting process.

  2. How do I determine which head is best for me? [+]

    Your Professional Fitter and you will determine the best head for you. The criteria for determining the clubhead best suited for you is the clubhead that produces the most consistent and longest shots. To do this, you're Professional Clubfitter will use impact tape on the face to determine you're centeredness of hit with our extensive product line.

  3. Why are there so many discrepancies between shafts? [+]

    Each shaft has its own profile, wall thickness, tip ratio and frequency. Frequencies are a great way to compare shafts but it shouldn't be the only way. Even if shafts are the same stiffness, their playability might be drastically different because each shaft has a different profile, wall thickness and tip ratio. So even if the frequencies and the stiffness of the shaft are the same, each shaft will play differently. Your Professional Fitter will find the best combination of shaft and clubhead for you.

  4. Should I have my Putter custom fitted as well? [+]

    Yes. Putters are extremely important clubs. Even a scratch player will use his or her putter around 30 times per round, more than any other club in the bag. So it makes sense that this club perfectly suits you and your game.

    You will be amazed at how many strokes you can shave off your game using a putter that is custom fit for you. Sadly, most putters are sold on impulse and have nothing to do with a club that actually suits the golfer. Is it right length? Weight? Lie? We invite you to test KZG putters, and have them fit for your stance and stroke.

  5. Why is KZG so famous for their Fairway Woods? [+]

    Frankly, KZG Fairway Woods are simply unbeatable. We just ask you to test them against anything on the market.

    KZG first gained fame with the introduction of a Fairway Wood that featured a special brazing patented face made of maraging steel. KZG sold 1.7 million Fairway Woods containing this technology to a major brand which became the #1 Fairway Wood on the market in 1998 and 1999.

    KZG continues to offer superior performing Fairway Woods to this day. In fact, we ask that you test and compare our woods against any other wood and prove to yourself that we are #1. KZG currently offers 5 different types of Fairway Woods to suit the unique needs of each golfer. Your KZG Dealer will assist you in selecting the Fairway Wood that will suit your swing and shave strokes from your handicap.

  6. How much should I pay for good quality golf equipment? [+]

    Remember to old adageā€¦ you get what you pay for? Well it applies to golf equipment as well.

    Reputable golf companies generally use top quality grades of materials for the manufacture of their heads and shafts. Less reputable companies will use recycled metals in their heads and low grade modulus graphite in their shafts that negatively affect the performance of a club. Because there is no licensing board that supervises the integrity of the representations made regarding golf equipment, it would be wise to heed the advice of "buyers beware".

    Top companies will spend a great deal of time, financial resources and effort in designing clubs for optimum performance and they will conduct extensive testing before the launch of any product. The less reputable companies will attempt to copy the designs of reputable companies and put on a product that "looks similar" to a major brand but fall far short in performance. These "look-a-like" products are called clones or knock-offs and the materials, craftsmanship and performance are generally inferior.

    On the other side of the equation, the cost of golf equipment also includes the amount of advertising and tour presence used to sell it. Millions and millions of dollars are spent advertising and "buying" the tour. The advertising and tour presence does not make the clubs perform better or assure you are getting top quality. If a large percentage of the price you are paying for the club is dedicated to advertising, the reality is that the actual cost to make the clubs is far less.

    At, KZG we focus on providing the best performing equipment and rely on word of mouth endorsements.

  7. What does a set of KZG clubs cost? [+]

    As a general rule, KZG golf clubs run approximately the same price or even less the than the major brands. And the best part is that you are assured a better performing club because of the quality and performance of KZG products combined with the benefits of custom fitting.

    Because we are The #1 Custom ProLine, every golf club is custom built and thus the choice of clubhead, shaft, grip and adjustments are endless. Your KZG Dealer will give you the prices after you have selected your various options as prices can vary significantly.

  1. Do KZG clubs conform to USGA Rules of Golf? [+]

    Yes. Because KZG is designed for the avid player, it is imperative that we provide clubs that comply with USGA Rules: and we do. We believe that to further the integrity of the game, everyone should play by the Rules!

  2. Are Touring Professionals Playing KZG? [+]

    KZG is on every tour, in every category of clubs (except putters). The touring professionals are playing KZG because they truly love KZG clubs, not because they are getting paid to play KZG.

    Because we are not paying for endorsements, we cannot legally use any tour players' names to forward our cause. Our focus has been providing the best golf equipment that money can buy rather than buying the Tour. The result...KZG is the best quality and best performing golf equipment on the market.

  3. Why can't clubmakers buy from KZG directly? [+]

    We're very proud of our golf clubs. When properly fitted our equipment can't be outperformed. It is difficult to judge who has training and who doesn't as a clubmaker. We believe in those clubmakers that have vested the time, technology and training into being the best at their craft. To further enhance training, we offer an extensive clubfitting course at our headquarters in Palm Desert, California. Improperly made golf clubs reflect poorly upon our equipment, therefore, we are very stringent on who builds and fits our clubs.

  4. What does KZG stand for? [+]

    KZG stands for "Keraluft Zirconium Golf." Our first irons were manufactured with this exceptionally hard, but "soft feeling" clubface. These irons were so hot they would have been illegal today. The irons were also terribly expensive to produce and sell. So, we couldn't put these golf clubs on the market because of its extraordinary costs.

  5. How do I know if clubfitters are qualified? [+]

    Checking the Dealer Locator in your area is the best way to check their qualifications. We tell you about their qualifications and we only list the most skilled Professional Clubfitters on the Dealer Locator. The most experienced are also those that are certified Master Clubfitters and attended our extensive Master Fitting Program. Another good indicator is to see if they are members of the International Professional Association of Clubfiters (IPAC).

  6. Why haven't I heard of KZG? [+]

    Our parent company Scottish Glen is responsible for many technological breakthroughs in the golf industry within the last 20 years.

    Since 1998, we've been building golf clubs under KZG name brand. We're committed and passionate about providing the highest quality equipment for all types of golfers and wallets.

    At KZG, the majority of our exposure is free. We receive constant endorsements from happy and satisfied golfers who play KZG. The top Professional Fitters in the world recognize KZG as the best quality and best performing Custom ProLine. The top independent testing companies continually give us awards and top reviews. These reviews and awards are a direct result of performance and quality, not sizzle. Our media coverage has been extremely heavy given we don't advertise. KZG is played on every professional tour and in every category of clubs, except putters. Even our tour presence is free: the tour players playing our clubs do so by choice, not for pay. KZG's main focus continues to rely on word-of-mouth endorsements and concentrate on providing the best performing equipment.

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