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Hägerstalund 12
164 74 Kista, Sweden

TEL: 46 8926926 / 46 706398070
EMAIL: info@golfperformance.se

Tony Guelli
World's Top 100 Clubfitter, 2015-2016
Professional Clubmaker
Marcus Karlsson
World's Top 100 Clubfitter, 2015-2016
Professional Clubmaker

Tony Guelli and Marcus Karlsson have been in the golf business for decades because they're passionate about growing the game. They are dedicated to improving their students' performance and they know that you can't teach around ill-fitting clubs. No two golfers share the same anatomy or the same swing and Tony and Marcus recognized that the major golf brands' clubs cannot deliver personalized fit. Their quest for top quality custom clubs led them to fit KZG exclusively.

Tony and Marcus understand that each golfer must be fit through a careful and methodical process that hones in on the proper features for his/her clubs. They are committed to making sure they fit their customers with the clubs that will make the very most of their skills. They offer a "satisfied customer warranty for as long as needed."

Tony and Marcus have been named two of the World's Top 100 Clubfitters in 2015-2016. You can schedule an appointment to be fit by these experts on the range at Kista Golfcenter. There, you will be taken through all the steps necessary to select the right club head, the right shaft and all of the right specifications to maximize your swing.

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